Population: 10,000
Montecito has been a fashionable destination since the 1880s. The fantastic climate and luxurious lifestyle has captivated many, who quickly established their roots here. Today, Montecito harbors celebrities, business leaders and long time locals who share the commonality of appreciating this amazing area and its myriad of offerings. Montecito’s boutiques and restaurants can be found on Coast Village Road and in the Upper Village.


The small city is also home to some of the world’s most stunning stretches of coastline including Fernald’s Point,  the calm waters of Miramar Beach and the renowned surf break at Hammonds Point, and the sparkling Butterfly Beach.


A Few of Our Favorite Things in Montecito: (This list is changed regularly and is only a very small sampling of offerings available)

  • Luckys – The place to be, and be seen. Great steaks and wine list.
  • Montecito Café – Ashley loves meeting girlfriends there for a weeknight trout salad and tete a tete.
  • Pressed Juicery – Keeps us fueled with healthy hydration as we power through our work days!
  • Pane Vino – A fabulous Italian bistro.
  • Jeannines Cafe Americana – for breakfast…the BEST cappuccino in town.
  • The Four Seasons Biltmore & The Coral Casino: A glass of wine on the Ty Lounge patio at sunset is about as good as it gets!