Goleta Lake Los Carneros

City of Goleta – Click for more info

Population: 77,400

Goleta is a neighboring town of Santa Barbara. The Spaniards initially named the place “The Good Land”, but the official name changed to Goleta after a schooner with the same moniker arrived here in 1822.

In addition to being an attractive residential area, Goleta is also a business epicenter, and houses corporate headquarters for Deckers, Citrix and others. Goleta abuts Isla Vista (UCSB) and is home to Santa Barbara’s newly renovated Municipal airport, which makes traveling in or out of town a breeze.

Lemon orchards once dominated the landscape here, and are still celebrated on a yearly basis during the local Lemon Festival each October. Lemons aren’t the only produce in Goleta, as a cornucopia of culinary delights are harvested from Goleta’s family-owned farms and sustainable gardens, which are served up in area restaurants and local farmers’ markets year round. Head to Goleta for outdoor adventures: Fish on the pier, surf at Campus Point, kayak and spot wildlife in the Goleta Slough, and hike on the bluffs above miles of beaches.  Enjoy the open landscapes and beautiful scenery here, from the Monarch Butterfly Preserve to the beautiful lake Los Carneros.

A Few of Our Favorite Things In Goleta (This list is changed regularly and is only a very small sampling of offerings available):

Costco – OK who doesn’t like Costco? Really!

Beachside Restaurant – Can’t beat the view. It is a great place to stop on your way to an event at UCSB Arts and Lectures.

The Bacara Resort & Spa – Renew. Refresh. Revitalize.

Sandpiper Golf Course – Like Pebble Beach, only closer.