Carpinteria State Beach – Click for more info

Population: 13,700

Carpinteria is a quiet, coastal town with a charming main street with family-owned restaurants and mom-and-pop shops. Some have been known to refer to Carpinteria as “Mayberry at the Beach.” Linden Avenue ends at the white sands of Carpinteria State Beach. Farther south, you can check in on the harbor seal rookery, where pups lounge on the beach.

Carpinteria, or Carp, as the locals call it, lies 12 miles southeast of Santa Barbara. The Chumash Indians used to build canoes here, and when the Spaniards happened upon the boat builders in the late 1700s, they named the place Carpinteria, or “carpentry shop.”

A Few of Our Favorite Things in Carpinteria (This list is changed regularly and is only a very small sampling of offerings available):

  • Sly’s – We love to sit at the bar and order dinner. Everything on their menu is amazing!
  • Giannfranco’s Trattoria – Fresh Italian offerings with romantic Al Fresco dining.
  • Pacific Health Foods – Harken back to California in the 70’s. We love their juice bar!